One of my school assignments was to make a short film between 4 and 5 minutes in length. The instructions left the students wide open to unleash their creativity. Here’s my finished product, starring my brother-in-law with cameos by my Chihuahuas.

Banish Fear

When I did the final write-up for my capstone, I mentioned how the greatest barrier between where I am and where I want to be, is fear. The kind of fear that makes you look for any excuse to avoid what you fear. Make it a habit to NOT procrastinate or make excuses. Face your fears head on and launch a full frontal assault as soon as you can. That’s the way to win the war.

Be Good to Yourself

This is especially for single, unattached people who yearn for a partner. If you’re in that category, no doubt you’ve said to yourself that you’d take such good care of your special someone.

That person may come along, but trust me on this. Until that happens, be good to yourself. Treat yourself the same way you would treat your special someone.

Marie Kondo

I know who she is, but I have never seen her on any show and I have never read anything she wrote. However, I do know that she is famous for advising people to throw away anything that doesn’t give them joy upon touching it. That is well-intended but lame. I would normally just pass it off, but I get annoyed when someone hailed as a guru gives stupid advice.

What do you mean I shouldn’t have thrown away all my medications?!